Where No Man Has Gone Before – Episode 2

Join Rachel and Chris for the second episode of Rachel Watches Star Trek, as we look into Where No Man Has Gone Before.

In this episode a guy with silver eyes and god-like powers, sexually harasses a fellow crewmen!

Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings!

Next episode: The Man Trap!

8 thoughts on “Where No Man Has Gone Before – Episode 2”

  1. Now I think of it, ‘jettison them’ would solve the problem in a number of episodes!

    Stick with it Rachel – there are some classic episodes coming up! Like Chris said, “The Man Trap” introduces the great Dr McCoy and has a pretty memorable monster, in a couple of episodes you get “The Naked Time” which is George Takei’s favourite episode of the entire series, and then you get some great Shatner scenery-chewing in “The Enemy Within”! You can see the teeth marks in the set 😉

  2. The “jewel-eyed jerk…” alliteration made me laugh. And as it’s Christmas, I also liked the deconstruction of “Die Hard”! Keep up the good work Mr. and Mrs. L.

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