Kirk-Fu Personality Quiz?

Ever wonder what Kirk-Fu move you would be? Neither have we! But now you can find out with Rachel’s Kirk-Fu personality quiz!

You are stuck somewhere for a week and are given a large bag of your favourite snacks. Do you:

What is closest to your favourite form of exercise?

If you had to assign yourself a department on the Enterprise, which would it be?

What is your favourite weather?

If the popular kids at high school were asked to give you a nickname, what would it be?

In the Enterprise house band, what role would you take?

What would you change about Rachel Watches Star Trek?

Which animal do you most identify with?

13 thoughts on “Kirk-Fu Personality Quiz?”

  1. I got Ear Clap! In real life my signature move was slam other guys head into a metal support post … So pretty close to life immates art.

  2. Well, thanks a lot. Now I will have to sit the entire evening trying to figure out a musical puppet show featuring snacks doing interpretive dance in a thunder storm. The suddenly … very quiet.

    Wait, what?

    *enter badger with stern look*

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